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“Every journey begins with a single step. But you’ll never finish if you don’t start!”

The Healthy Truth provides total health and wellness consultancy through education in both individual and group settings.  Our primary focus is to educate and empower people to make healthier choices and adopt positive behaviours to manage their own wellness and advance their overall quality of life.

Our priority is to provide relevant knowledge to fully meet the needs of our clients and promote them to becoming independent in managing their own health. We apply a professionally supportive solution through knowledge, training, and guidance.

We offer our clients an accelerated learning environment that covers the fundamental topics required for achieving a healthier lifestyle, including advice in the following areas:


Understand the importance of nutrition for health & wellness. Appreciate that food is so much more than just calories and learn to focus on eating quality nourishing foods to assist you in achieving your goals.


Develop holistic strategies to manage your health & wellness in order to both prevent and control disease. Overcome the hurdles to realise your full potential, and enjoy life again!

Weight management

Acquire new skills on how to manage your weight successfully for the rest of your life. Combine nutritious food with regular physical activity to reshape your body and embrace the new you.

Injury management

Programs to manage previous and current injuries, improve your fitness or reduce future injury risk. Cooperation with your allied health team ensures your best outcome.


Design & development of individual programs tailored for specific goals, ages, injuries and abilities. Learn how to master exercise technique and build the confidence needed to drive you forward.

Stress Management

Discover exactly how stress negatively impacts health and determine the best methods to manage stress most effectively, without resorting to medication.

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Want to know more about The Healthy Truth’s services and how we can help you achieve your ultimate wellness?

At 26 Laura had been overweight and unhealthy for most of her life. She had spent plenty of time in gyms and obsessed about food. Her weight and fitness levels had yoyo-ed up and down and she was feeling the numerous negative effects on her health.

After working with me Laura changed her relationship with food and exercise. She has lost 12kg but more importantly she now feels confident in her ability to live healthier for the rest of her life.

When I first met Jim he was struggling with everyday activities & feeling very frustrated. After attending my informational seminars and exercise sessions, Jim applied himself tirelessly to achieve his amazing results.

Equipped with his new knowledge he continues to enjoy a healthier lifestyle where he is full of energy and loving his life. Well done, Jim!

Prior to doing the program with me Ilana was unhappy, and being younger in age she felt really insecure due to her weight. Not only did it effect her health but her social life as well.

Armed with new information Ilana made the healthier lifestyle changes needed to turn things around and has admirably maintained her goal weight since late 2013!

Gina Ferraro health and wellness


About Gina

Gina is a highly qualified exercise physiologist with an in-depth understanding of health, wellness, fitness & weight-loss.  She’s passionate about assisting people of all ages, abilities & conditioning levels achieve their goals.

She is also an accomplished lecturer, giving her the ability to make complicated information easy to understand, remember and implement.

Gina has a strong focus on current and evidence-based research, keeping her well-informed and able to give the best and most effective advice to her clients.

But most importantly she is not a stranger to debilitating injury or weight gain… she understands what it’s like when life throws you a challenge.

Learn more about Gina

Gina has spent the majority of her career studying and teaching fitness and well-being, which makes her the perfect person to pass on her knowledge to you.  Learn more about her education and qualifications.


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