I have been overweight and unhealthy for most of my life. I have spent plenty of time in gyms, obsessed about what to eat, how to eat it and when to eat it, counted calories, read nutrition panels and tried to make ‘healthy’ choices. My weight and fitness levels have yoyo-ed up and down, back and forth but at 26 years of age I somehow found myself feeling tired all the time, catching every bug going around and weighing more than I ever had. I decided it was time to put myself and my health first. I had made this decision before but this time was different because this time I met Gina. Gina is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in the world of health and fitness. She is honest and intelligent and if there’s something she doesn’t know about the human body, fitness or nutrition it’s not worth knowing! Despite this she is constantly hungry to learn more. Always asking ‘why?’ If you ever need to know something that Gina can’t provide a well researched and thorough answer to her inner scientist delights in going away and finding you the best answer with the best evidence and coming back to share this new information with you. Gina is also an amazing teacher who thinks outside the box and creates fantastic ways to take complex information and make it simple, interesting and fun to learn. I have learnt so much from Gina that has truly opened my eyes and changed the way I see food. As well as being honest and intelligent Gina is a great trainer and the most inspiring person I have ever met. She is strong. She is caring. Gina makes you want to do your best. She makes you want to do more; to do better; to be better. But she doesn’t make you want to do it just for her, she makes you want to do it for you. Gina helped me believe that I can do more than I ever thought possible. She has changed the way I see myself and the relationship I have with food and exercise. Since I met Gina I have lost 12kg but more importantly I feel stronger, smarter and confident in my ability to live a healthier life for the rest of my life.
Laura Williams

Throughout a four week fitness retreat that I undertook with Gina as head trainer, I found her leadership to be thoroughly professional and always encouraging. She was well aware of each participant’s capacities and, through adjusted personalised techniques, invited us to achieve a potential that we didn’t realise we had. Her knowledge of nutrition and both her delivery and interactive methods of teaching were more than impressive. I learnt so much and came away from that retreat confident that I had all I need to live a fit and healthy life.
Maree from Newcastle

It is with much pleasure my husband Geoff and I afford our testimonial for Gina Ferraro in her capacity as a health and fitness consultant.

She is super, super fantastic!

March 2014, Gina was the program manager for a leading Sydney health retreat. It was a program we participated in for 30 days.

Gina proved to be an amazing physiologist – taking us from limited fitness to unbelievable levels in 30 days. Both my husband and I lost 7+kgs, plus some very serious centimeters. Not to mention improving our everyday fitness.

Gina educated us in the many areas of fitness, exercise; food; general well -being.

Apart from learning how to address, and possibly change, our everyday habits, Gina’s knowledge of what the human body can, does, should and can not endure was positively amazing. Gina’s knowledge of the human body is absolutely extraordinary and her passion to help improve those of us who have limited skills in improving our everyday behaviour was, and has continued to be, life changing.

In our opinion and personal experience … Gina Ferraro is a fitness guru, and we recommend her 100%

Thank you big time Gina.

Pear & Geoff Webster

Prior to doing the program with Gina I was unhappy and being younger in age I felt really insecure due to my weight and not only did it effect my health but my social life as well. Id’ lost weight previously on my own but it all came back plus more because I didn’t know the right information to make the healthy lifestyle change to lose and maintain the loss, but when my program with Gina started that all changed. The support was incredible. Her friendly and bubbly personality made the program fun and made me feel very comfortable because as many know it’s very confronting battling with obesity. The information Gina gave me allowed me to make the healthy lifestyle change I needed and almost 2 years later I am still continuing my healthy lifestyle and have been at my goal since October 2013.
Ilana Earl

I’ve been struggling all my life with food, exercise and health. Both with how to lose weight and get healthy, and more importantly the control it takes to do that and maintain it. I went to see Gina, and after a few seminars and training sessions, my perspective on everything to do with nutrition was flipped on its head. I realized how important education is in this area, because if you truly understand the effect of everything that goes into your body and your activity, it’s almost impossible not to make a change for the better. Also the way Gina put facts and research was so simple, understandable and impactful. She combined that with positivity, encouragement, strategies for self-control & situations where you feel you may be more likely to lose control. Also she suggests a training program tailored for individual purposes. She’s hilarious, warm, inspiring and knowledgeable. Gina’s hands down the best thing that ever happened to my health!
Jess Porfiri

We enjoyed working with Gina, and have carried on her good advice with our food and exercise, continuing to lose weight and gain good health as a result.  My Diabetes is in check after 10 years of ups and downs and I have reduced my Insulin by over 30% as well as medication and hope to reduce more when I see the doctor next month. David is looking like a much younger man than 65, he walks 5kms or rides 20kms every day (unless it’s raining then he uses the treadmill we have purchased).  All his clothes are big on him so looks like a new wardrobe at least for next summer.  We have no hesitation in recommending Gina to anyone who wants to lose weight, gain health and fitness and enjoy a much better quality of life!
Robyne & David Wales

I have done two programs with Gina, and I have trained extensively with her both times. Gina was encouraging, dedicated and above all else, pushed me to achieve goals that I thought were not possible, through a combination of exercise and diet education. Her ongoing support and friendship, even though I am located on the opposite side of the country, has helped me to continue to achieve goals on my health journey. Gina actively pursues new knowledge in her field, and when questioned on something she may not be aware of, will actively seek out new information to inform her thoughts on the subject. I would actively recommend Gina to anyone looking for an overall approach to health, be it exercise, diet or a combination of the two. Gina will motivate you to achieve your goals.
Scott Penfold

My husband Peter and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our week on the retreat that Gina ran.  Not only did we receive fantastic nutritional advice, we also felt empowered to push our physical performance harder than we have before. Although the program was fairly structured, it was Gina’s enthusiasm and professionalism that brought it to life.  Gina was always attentive to not only our needs but also the needs of the other 6 people in our group.  There was a bond within the group and we all felt that Gina cared and monitored each of our personal limitations and needs.  Our individual goals were paramount to Gina and achieving was made fun and exciting through her inventive sessions. Whatever Gina endeavours to achieve and commit to in the future, I believe she will be successful.  Her drive, knowledge and professional manner are such that I would recommend her, not to just any organisation she may be working for, but to anyone wanting to experience expertise in nutrition, health and the physiology of our bodies. Peter and I gained so much from our week with Gina that we thought it would be remiss not to let her know how fantastic we feel she is.
Joanne Arvonen

I met Gina at a week long health retreat that I participated in earlier this year. I found Gina’s encouragement & support simply fantastic and was so impressed by her enthusiasm & passion for the work she does. Her knowledge & experience shines through in whatever she is sharing with her clients. Her seminars were full of interesting content,  some of it not new to me, but the way she presented the information and the obvious love she has for the health & fitness business, some-how it just jelled & I have to admit I had a couple of “light bulb” moments. I was also lucky to have one on one PT sessions with Gina and again her knowledge, experience & passion was simply wonderful. I can recommend her to anyone.  If you have the will to improve your health & fitness then you couldn’t be in better hands. Gina you are the most inspiring woman I have ever met and wish you well in whatever adventures you embark on. Thank you once again Gina.
Beverley Williams

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