Changing your body shape requires effort

Exercise with intensity

I was training my legs at the gym on Monday night and as I rested between sets I was looking around to see a lot of people just going through the motions. It still amazes me how many people think they are going to get results by putting in a half-hearted effort. When I train, I am obsessed with the workout (and no that doesn’t mean I am obsessed with the gym because that couldn’t be further from the truth). But as the saying goes (and those who know me know I LOVE my inspirational sayings)…..”nothing will work unless YOU do!”

When I was a combat instructor there were times I would get so frustrated with the lack of effort from my class that I would go into a rant about how there isn’t magic pixie dust that falls on their heads when they walk through the gym entrance door that would magically give them their desired results! If you want your body to change then you need to create an internal environment which is conducive of change! How do we do that? Well you have to train BEYOND what you are currently capable of – otherwise your body is “coping” too well. If it isn’t coping – then it has to adapt. Adaptation = change! So the whole “what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you” statement is exactly what we need to focus on.

If your body is coping then it is efficient. The only active person who benefits from efficiency is an athlete because they want to get the maximum benefits possible for the least amount of effort for their best outcome. This enables them to have more in the tank for further performance.

Those who wish weight loss or muscle shape or growth don’t want to be efficient. They benefit more from using as MUCH energy as possible so that their body is forced into creating change.

It isn’t rocket science. The basics are quite simple. But too many people are stuck in old habits that produce no results and they continue to do it! God knows why! Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of stupidity!

Train smart and listen to those who have the proper scientific understanding guide you! Don’t be easily impressed with the trainers who rave about their own six pack who only did a four week online training course!