Depression & Mental health

Mental Health problems are a very prominent part of our society, and something that many sufferers experience a stigma with. I myself am a lifelong sufferer of severe clinical depression and let me share this with those of you who are oblivious to it – depression is NOT something I choose nor is it something I can “get over”! It is a very real disease and requires daily management just as other diseases often do.

I would also like to explain that there is a distinct difference between depression as a disease and depression as a phase someone goes through when life throws them a curve ball. Though the symptoms are often the same, one is for a shorter term by comparison and is often the result of a trauma (of any kind) whilst the other is for life and can still affect the person even when everything is going well. Now for just a brief moment (if you dare) imagine how life is for a person suffering depression as a disease when THEY experience trauma! It’s absolutely horrific let me tell you.

In my experiences people who have had a hardship are often very judgmental over me because they were able to recover and therefore I should also have the ability to do so “if I really wanted to”. Sigh! This is a topic that frustrates me so much and the ignorance of others makes life even more unbearable for those of us who are plagued with this dark and often devastating and debilitating illness. Isolation KILLS….and yet people who have depression often isolate themselves for fear of judgment, misunderstanding, and ridicule when they are the ones who most need support, care, and nurturing.

Health is not just about the physical. It is about the mental and emotional self as well. So it would be nice if our society were a little more accepting and not make our lives harder than they inevitably already are.

I absolutely LOVE this video ( and it always brings a tear to my eye (plus the song is from one of my favourite bands which is a nice touch) 🙂 It really isn’t that difficult to bring a smile to someone’s face. Please…..Be kind to each other.

I wish you all love, health and happiness for now and always.